Burglar-Proof Your Home

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Burglar-Proof Your Home

1.  Never leave keys in hiding places outside the house.

2.  Always keep your garage door closed and locked.

3.  Trim back all bushes under windows.

4.  Plant prickly, thorny shrubs or bushes under windows to discourage prowlers.

5.  Bright lights outside around all doors and window discourage break ins. Install motion triggered lights around corners of the home.

6.  Install a solid core or metal-clad door fitted with both inside hinge pins and a minimum one-inch throw deadbolt lock.

7.  Doors with windows require a double key deadbolt.

8.  Secure garage doors with cane bolts and hasps.

9.  Install a peep hole in the front door.

l0. invest in doorbells with camera so that you can see what's going on at home while you may be away.

l1. Place Operation Identification stickers on doors and windows.

l2. If you have a keypad garage door, reprogram the code.

l3. Never leave your garage door opener visible in your car.

*These tips are recommended to keep you and your family SAFE!